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Night Guards

Fit, comfort and durability are of the utmost importance with any night guard. Our team fabricates comfortable hard/soft night guards that are sure to help your patients get a better night's sleep and alleviate any discomfort throughout their waking hours. High Precision's night guards are constructed to occlusal plane specifications and made of a hard acrylic outer layer and soft inner layer for both durability and comfort. Our night guards will protect your patients from the toughest of bruxism to provide restful sleep night after night, which will help improve mood, eliminate bruxism side effects, and increase overall health. Prevent pain and destruction of healthy dentition that teeth-grinding can cause with high-quality night guards from High Precision.


  • Custom Designed
  • Created with Non-Allergenic Materials
  • Ideal for Patients Suffering from Heavy Bruxism
Night Guard
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