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Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Want to boost your case acceptance and secure your patient's confidence? Our diagnostic wax-ups provide a preview of what your patient can expect once their treatment is completed. With our talented team of diagnostic wax-up technicians, your patient can receive a visual of the restorative work and how it will shape their new smile. Our diagnostic wax-ups will show your patients the before-and-after of their existing smile and help them determine whether to pursue treatment. All of our diagnostic wax-ups are fabricated from white stone models with white wax to produce the most lifelike result possible. High Precision Dental's diagnostic wax-up team will give you the blueprint to follow. We can recommend the ideal product, design and cementation.


  • Increases Case Acceptance
  • Before-and-After Visualization
  • Used for Making Temporaries
Diagnostic Wax-Ups
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